Nursing a newborn…

I learned several things after having 4 children: things to do and not to do; things to buy and not to buy; and people to listen to and not to listen to.  

IMG_6859I had no idea what to expect, except about all the health benefits of doing it.  No matter what people tell you, much like with the birth process, every experience is unique.  I’m a strong believer in the truth, so here goes.  When your milk comes in your breasts are gigantic (all relative) and get rock hard.  The way to relieve that is nursing your baby.  Sometimes, your one breast will leak, while you’re feeding on the other.  I used to get so mad about that and would kind of put pressure on the breast pad tucked safely in my bra with my wrist, as to avoid losing any precious drops of liquid gold.  Now the actual act itself – ow, ow, ow.  In the beginning especially with the first, you’re a nervous wreck anyway, and that does not help milk production.  So, I thought it was just a nipple thing: if you put only that in your baby’s mouth you will be in excruciating pain.  Turns out, the colored part around the nipple (the areola) is also what you want to have in your baby’s mouth.  Knowing that certainly helped matters.

I’ve forgotten all the name of the nursing positions, but football never felt quite right, as I thought I’d drop the baby behind me.  The cradle position (I think that’s what it was called) worked best for me.  I was never a huge fan of the boppy because, call me crazy, it didn’t really fit around my waist properly.  I would just put a bigger pillow under the nursing side arm to help prop me up.  Lanolin was a must for chaffing.  And yes, it does get better.  About a month into it, I felt pretty confident with breastfeeding.  It took me a while to be comfortable in public, as I preferred the privacy of a fitting room, or my car.  I bought a bebe au lait nursing cover (it was the prettiest black and white print), and would, on occasion, nurse in front of other people (I didn’t care around my family as much).

The absolute worst thing about nursing was mastitis. This happens when a milk duct gets blocked and you get an infection. You literally get feverish and your breast/s hurt like the devil.  I would warm up a diaper (cut in half) and stuff it in my bra.  Best advice – the MINUTE you feel pain somewhere in your breast, massage it out to get that duct unclogged.  The longer you wait, the more chance for infection.  Honestly, that warning pain is nothing compare with mastitis…

Got to get stuff done…

Yours always in honesty,

One thought on “Nursing a newborn…

  1. Thank you for being honest!~
    Its the internet after all – While maybe some relatives or friends might find your blog and you might end up slightly embarrassed; truth like this is helpful to others.

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