Pets, husbands, and babies…

Often times, our pets are our first “babies.”  You need to feed them, give them attention, clean up their poop, take them to the doctor, and clean up their messes.  It is the first time, as an adult, that you may have been responsible for any being besides yourself.  Your pet is your friend, maybe confidant, and a loyal companion who doesn’t judge, talk back or demand too much.

IMG_6862Then you start dating.  Boyfriends come and go, but you do care if they get along with you pet.  Once in a relationship, your pet falls to position #2; you probably don’t even realize that though, because you are so blissfully in love.

You probably end up choosing a mate who also likes animals, or maybe owns the same animal you have, or at least grew up with some type of pet.  It makes them more attractive, maybe, to know that they chose to care for another.  It can’t hurt that you have that shared interest.

Maybe you decide to move in together and your lives, and possessions intertwine.  Both of your pets resist, naturally.  They may not like you, your mate, or each other.  Some unforeseen behavioral issues may emerge, the pets may fight; change… is… hard.

So you marry, and usually within a few years, decide to start a family.  When baby arrives, your pet falls further to position #3.   Since all of the attention is on the baby, your husband has now fallen to position #2.  Your pets may be unhappy, and now your husband definitely is unhappy.

Your baby has to be your first priority, because who else will?  Next should be yourself.  If you don’t take care of yourself. how can you take care of anybody else?  Accept help when offered, take a nap when baby naps, go out with your husband and feel like a real person again.  I know it may be the last thing you want to do with leaky breasts and a drooping stomach, but he will appreciate the 2 hours of having a little attention.  Also, try to remember your pets may need a little love once in a while too.  A few minutes can go a long way…

One thought on “Pets, husbands, and babies…

  1. Ugh, leaky breasts.
    I was thinking about that the other day! How uncomfortable it would be especially in public!

    My real wonder though goes towards the process of stopping milk production. I’m pretty sure that milk needs to be squeezed out right?
    I’m miles away from having a baby – Right now my cat is the ‘baby’; this entry made me wonder how he would feel with less attention.

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