In sickness and health…

It’s been a while, I know.  We’ve been away for spring break visiting my family which would have been fun had everyone not been sick.

IMG_9564It all started the Wednesday before break.  My littlest started off the morning by throwing up in our bed.  He doesn’t regularly sleep with us (I mean not every night lol), so the fact that he came down in the middle of the night should have been a red flag.

So I keep him quarantined in my room for the next 2 days, praying that the other kids don’t get it.  I Lysoled every doorknob, remote, toilet handle and the fridge handle in an attempt to kill all the germs.  I thought we were in the clear Friday when we left as he was better (really a 24 hour thing, but 1 more day to recover), and no one else was exhibiting symptoms.

Let’s face it, even if everyone was healthy, the airplane is a cesspool of recycled germs.  It’s like the pediatrician’s office; if you aren’t sick when you go, you probably will catch something before you leave.  So Saturday night it begins (for 1 child, AGAIN) – my littlest and next biggest have the bug.  I am actually stunned that my same son is sick with the same illness 4 days later.  Of course my extended family is coming for Easter (my mom always hosts) and they are warned, but they all come nonetheless.

Let me interject that one of the cousins already has a cold/cough when he arrives so that just makes everything that much more interesting.  Sunday 2 more down, me Monday, the rest get 1 variation or the other until Thursday.  Finally, everyone’s better – too bad the weather is yucky, and we leave tomorrow.

Really long story short, it doesn’t matter what preventative measures you take, it’s always possible for someone to pick up something, from someone, from ANYWHERE.

Hoping you all had a better break than I.  Looking forward to the warmer, hopefully non-sick months ahead!

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